Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States, just behind skin cancer. We begin breast cancer therapy by assessing breast cancer patients as to their specific type of cancer, extent, and type of surgery that may be required. We discuss the entire process with our patients and respect their input on whether they are interested in breast conservation, or whether the extent of their disease dictates the need for a mastectomy. We also discuss their interest in breast reconstruction and whether they need pre-or postoperative chemotherapy.

Our center has innovated the utilization of Biozorb implanted by our surgeons at the time of a lumpectomy in order to facilitate image guidance, targeting and limiting normal tissue irradiation. Accuboost is another technique the center has been using in select breast cancer treatment patients. This treatment technique has the advantage of minimizing the tissue volumes that are irradiated and giving the best possible cosmetic outcomes.

The cancer center of Putnam has a long history of innovation and was an early a doctor in a use of PET Ct scanning since 2000s for diagnosis, staging, and treatment planning.

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